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A journey through Central Java takes the traveler from the mysteries of the Royal Courts to the craft markets. Central Java has been the cradle of refined Kingdoms and Royal dynasties. Java has a long history of trade with Europe and the Far East. The volcanoes and fertile valleys of Central Java have inspired many artists in the past and continue to inspire today. The courts of Jogjakarta and Solo became the center of culture and the Sultans are keeping alive the old traditions and court arts, such as music, dances, batik and silver craft, Jogjakarta has an impressive Royal Palace, a Water Palace, several museums and private collections such as the Affandi and Hardjanto Collections. The main street – Jalan Malioboro – houses a street market where a huge variety of art and handicraft is displayed from dusk to midnight. Come to MesaStila and see for yourself all that Central Java has to offer.


Walk through bamboo groves to reach the waterfalls of Sekarlangit where you can swim in a natural pool of cold mountain waters.
Duration: Half-Day Tour (Approx. 3 hours) / Distance from Resort: 8 km.


Visit the eighth century Hindu temples of Gedung Songo scattered along the foothills around Mt. Ungaran. The nine temples are quite simple in their architecture, but the setting offers a superb view of Lake Rawa Pening and the surrounding mountains. On the way back will stop over to visit Flower and Fruit Traditional Market.
Duration: Half-Day Tour (Approx. 3 hours) / Distance from Resort: 22 km.


Follow the tracks of the old plantation trains through rice fields and sleepy villages, crossing rivers and abandoned bridges along the way until you reach – hidden away in a quiet and beautiful valley – these Majapahit baths, constructed in the tenth century. The Royal Baths, continuously replenished by spring water, is the perfect place for a dip, so be sure to bring along your sarong or bathing suit. The amount of time for these walks (or cycle) refers only to the walking time required to reach the destination. It does not consider the time for visiting or swimming nor the return to MesaStila. You can walk back (or cycle) to MesaStila or alternatively a car can be arranged to pick you up.
Duration: Half-Day Tour (Approx. 3 hours) / Distance from Resort: 8 km.


Explore the Telomoyo Mountain with a sensational journey using a jeep. Telomoyo Mountain is located in between Semarang Regency and Magelang Regency with an altitude of 1,894 m above sea level. It takes about 20 minutes drive from MesaStila to the starting point. This Jeep Tour will take around 45 minutes to get to the top of Telomoyo Mountain. During the trip you will be pampered with the incredible yet exotic view encompass villages, landscapes, rice fields and mountains.
Duration: Half-Day Tour (Approx. 3 hours) / Distance from Resort: 15 km.


Ride an original cog steam train from Ambarawa train museum, passing through plantations, stunning rice fields, Rawapening Lake and traditional Javanese villages. The “Queen of the Mountain” – a 1902 steam locomotive with two charming authentic Dutch passenger carriages – will allow you to step back in time on a ride you will never forget. Visit the beautiful Ambarawa Train Museum with its wonderful locomotives from the bygone Dutch era and taste the Central Java’s pancake. Historical Ambarawa Railway Tour is available on Saturday, Sunday and a public holiday only at 10:00, 12:00 and 14:00. For this tour arrangement, it is better to reconfirm it at the hotel upon arrival due to the available days and time can be changed at any time.
Duration: Half-Day Tour (Approx. 3 hours) / Distance from Resort: 15 km.


Experience the sunrise atop one of the world’s greatest Buddhist temples and enjoy a private guided tour of this impressive holy monument in the early hours of the morning, before the arrival of the daily stream of visitors. Stroll through Borobudur’s six terraces and glance at its magnificent bas-reliefs and statues, which were buried under layers of volcanic ash for over ten centuries.  On your way back, visit also Chandi Pawon and Mendut – two smaller, but very interesting, Buddhist temples. Additional arrangement for a Horse Chart – a 2 hours ride through the surrounding countryside and charming traditional villages where you can see artisans engaged in traditional pottery and woodwork.
Duration: Half-Day Tour (Approx. 3 hours) / Distance from Resort: 35 km.


A mysterious plateau with a dozen scattered ninth century Hindu Temples. Take a drive to this isolated region with temples of great archaeological importance located within Dieng’s beautiful scenery. Steep mountainsides and terraced vegetable gardens enclose these marshy calderas of a collapsed volcano. Walk along the colored lakes and cover yourself with the mud of its steamy crater.
Duration: Half-Day Tour (Approx. 3 hours) / Distance from Resort: 65 km.

The center of Javanese culture and crafts. Visit the Hamengkubuwono Keraton (which today remains the palace of the Sultan of Yogyakarta and his family), the Taman Sari baths (an eighteenth century complex of pools and waterways built in Portuguese style for the Sultan and his harem), and stroll through the center of Yogyakarta’s silver industry in the deco neighborhood of Kota Gede.
Duration: Half-Day Tour (Approx. 3 hours) / Distance from Resort: 65km.


The largest Hindu temple complex in Java and one of the most outstanding examples of Hindu art in the world. A visit to Prambanan can be organized in conjunction with a visit to Yogyakarta or the Borobudur or in the evening to view the monthly open-air Ramayana dance. Ramayana Ballet is a drama in typical Javanese dance that able to unite various Javanese arts such as dance, drama and music on one stage and one momentum to present the Ramayana story, a legendary epos. The entire story is presented in a series of dance movement accompanied by gamelan music.
Duration: Half-Day Tour (Approx. 3 hours) / Distance from Resort: 70km.


The old Royal City and a major repository of Javanese culture. Visit the city’s two keratons – Surakarta and Mangkunegara – and ride a pushcart along the palace walls. Buy batik and antiques in Pasar Klewer and Pasar Triwindu.
Duration: Half-Day Tour (Approx. 3 hours) / Distance from Resort: 75km.


During your stay at MesaStila, you will notice that volcanoes constitute important Javanese landmarks. MesaStila is surrounded by eight mountain, including Mt. Andong (1,726m) and Central Java’s most active volcano; Merapi (2,911m). On a clear day at MesaStila, you can see smoke blowing from its peak. The adventure traveler can climb near the volcano’s top and witness the streaming lava flows. Drive to the volcano’s foothills and trek for four hours to Merapi’s peak, accompanied by professional and authorized guides. Although a tough and demanding walk, it is manageable by anyone with a reasonable level of fitness.
Duration: Half-Day (4 hours) / Full-Day Tour (8 hours) / Distance from Resort to the starting point: Andong (15Km) and Merapi (46km).


Offering ancient history tour and sightseeing the historical places in Semarang such as Old Town, Gereja Blenduk, Chinese Temple Sam Poo Kong, Lawang Sewu (thousand doors building), Masjid Agung (Great Mosque) and Vihara Buddhagaya Watugong (Buddhist Temple).
Duration: Half-Day Tour (Approx. 3 hours) / Distance from Resort: 55km.


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