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Hammam Spa

South East Asia’s only authentic Hammam Spa

With the perfect balance of ancient and contemporary healing traditions, MesaStila brings you the finest therapies from Asia and the Near East. The Indonesian Archipelago has a long history of contact between Chinese and Arab traders, who introduced plants, herbs and spices; bringing insights from Indian Ayurvedic, Chinese and Greek medicine and Arab healing practices. The traditional Indonesian Jamu vendors are a result of these enormous influences and today these people can be best described as walking-talking pharmacies.

Cultural traditions were adopted as the traders traversed the region and one such ritual is the Hammam Turkish Bath. With its origins in Turkey, MesaStila is proud to house South East Asia’s only authentic Hammam, where steam bathing combines functionality with decadent cleansing rituals.


The Silent Doctor

Begin your MesaStila experience with an unforgettable ritualistic cleansing in our Hamman; a space of worldly luxury offering deep cleansing and relaxation.

Our Hammam staff, or Belanas, will provide you with a Pestamal, your cloth for cover. Enjoy a warming phase in the Caldarium, which is infused with essential oils of Eucalyptus and continue with your ritual in the Tepidarium room where you will be bathed, exfoliated and cleansed using a traditional mitt called a Kese.

Depending on your chosen ritual, you will enjoy a massage, body mask, or succumb to the ultimate luxury in our premier package, Arabian nights. Find complete solitude as you later relax in the Frigidarium.




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