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Arabian Nights

120 minutes

Includes a steam session, body exfoliation, soapy cleanse, hair wash & scalp treatment, rose water splash, Traditional Javanese massage, refreshments.

Enjoy an intensive Hammam ritual, followed by a full body massage with warm oil. After an exhilarating scrub and cleanse in the warm Tepidarium you will be escorted into a private suite for a deeply relaxing massage. Soak up a natural nourishing hair treatment as it is massaged into your cleansed scalp, leaving your hair feeling radiant and your whole body warm and calm.


Health is a balanced state of bodily elements and of all anatomical and physiological systems, where each part of the body functions at full potential. All these complex system must work smoothly and without interruption, but in ordinary life they do not.  Mental, moral and emotional aspects too must be sound. Spirituality completes full health and puts human affairs in the perspective of the universal. Striving toward this goal is main aim of Yoga

The Spirit of Java

120 Minutes

Lulur Body Scrub – Traditional Javanese Massage – Javanese Herbal Bath

This treatment uses traditional Jamu; a blend of natural ingredients that helps to encourage a feeling of wellness throughout the body. The lulur mixture uses Turmeric and other ingredients to create a cleansing skin scrub, which is followed by an invirogating Javanese massage and a calming herbal bath, where you can reflect on the great, wonderful and magnificent things in life.

Coffee Scrub

60 minutes

A unique blend of organically grown Robusta and Arabica coffee beans from our Plantation, which are ground and blended with coconut milk, yoghurt and cinnamon. This yummy and energizing body-scrub will leave you feeling invigorated and smelling delightful.

Reviving Jade Facial

60 Minutes

A stimulating facial experience that uses natural organic ingredients and plant extracts, combined with a gentle acupressure massage along the meridians and specific energy points on the face. This is followed by the application of an icy-cool jade roller across the skin; leaving you radiant, energized and completely cool!